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Accessing the Breviary

Right now there are three main ways to get into the breviary. Each of them are slightly different and thus behave in different ways:

1. The “Front Door”: The standard way in is through the main index page: http://www.haligweorc.org/breviary/ This is the place where you will be prompted to either select one of the pre-set options or where you can create a set of preferences to be saved as a cookie. Once your browser has a breviary cookie in it, that will become your default settings until you choose to change it again. With this option, you must choose the date and the office that you would like to pray.

2. The BSG Portal: The Brotherhood of St Gregory uses a specific entry point that will enable you to skip the process of selecting your date, office, and preferences: http://www.haligweorc.org/breviary/office_selectionBSG.php The office shown is based on your local time of day. The Gregorians’ rule of life specifies the use of a Rite II office with the monthly psalm cycle and the sanctoral occasions from Holy Women, Holy Men among other things. In a nutshell, this link presents a clean, modern take on the Offices.

3. A Direct Link: Like the BSG portal, this link offers a single, stable url that you can follow to pray the proper office based on your local time:  http://www.haligweorc.org/breviary/office.php If you already have a breviary cookie saved in your browser, your selected preferences will be used. If not, it opens a basic Rite II office.

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