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Two Updates

A brief word to let you know that I have been doing some tinkering behind the scenes… I have added two new options at the request of users. First, there’s now an option that will let you substitute Psalm 95 in place of the Venite. Second, I’ve added Lesser Feasts and Fasts to the kalendar options. (Why I hadn’t done this a while ago I’m not sure, given my rather public feelings on HWHM…)

I’m still working on the 1+2 reading pattern and hope to have it in by the end of next weekend.

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  1. mcdoc
    August 25, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    Having done a little tinkering on websites as well as merging databases into fields, not to mention just entering data. I want to say that this this whole project, including these substantial improvements, represents an enormous amount of thought and work, together with equal amounts elegant data architecture and and skilled web design.

    The results: a reliable, user-friendly, 21st-century app (available on smartphones, too!) that delivers a key part of the wisdom and practical Christian discipleship of the Fathers and Mothers of the Church and late antiquity through the medieval era, the Reformations and on through to our very own post-modern world. In, perhaps ironic, contemporary electronic format, St. Bede’s Breviary delivers a rich part of the cure for what ails you, and what, in truth, has ever ailed any.

    Thank you, Derek!

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