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Two Updates

August 25, 2012 1 comment

A brief word to let you know that I have been doing some tinkering behind the scenes… I have added two new options at the request of users. First, there’s now an option that will let you substitute Psalm 95 in place of the Venite. Second, I’ve added Lesser Feasts and Fasts to the kalendar options. (Why I hadn’t done this a while ago I’m not sure, given my rather public feelings on HWHM…)

I’m still working on the 1+2 reading pattern and hope to have it in by the end of next weekend.

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On the Transference of the Annunciation

March 25, 2012 2 comments

I know I’m going to hear about it on this one so I thought I’d put up a preemptive post…

The ’79 BCP states that when prayer book Holy Days fall on  privileged Sundays, they: “are normally transferred to the first convenient open day within the week” (BCP, 16). What I ponder is the precise meaning of “convenient” and “open”. While having a broad appeal across the range of Anglican spiritualities, the breviary was set up with a particular eye towards traditional Anglo-Catholic practice and one of the key features here is the inclusion of Eves/First Vespers.

If we’re celebrating the First Vespers of a prayer book Holy Day then it can’t be put on Monday because the First Vespers will interfere with the Second Vespers of the Sunday. As a result, the first “open” day is the Monday for the First Vespers and Tuesday for the rest of the feast.

In making this decision, I’m following the official practice of the English Book of Common Prayer which spells this out. In the late 19th century folks like Vernon Staley and Walter Frere raised this question of transference and, eventually, a rubric to this effect was placed in the book: “…it shall be permissible to transfer a greater Holy Day falling on a Sunday to the following Tuesday, except that St. Stephen’s Day, Epiphany, and All Saints’ Day may not be so transferred.”

This is why, in the breviary, you’ll find the First Vespers of the Annunciation on Monday evening and the full feast celebrated on Tuesday.


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Early March Updates

Things have been hectic and events in my life have been conspiring to keep me away from the breviary. However, work continues if only at a snail’s pace. Here’s some recent progress:

  • The Great Litany is now up as a separate office.
  • The full Offices of the Dead are up:
  • The Little Hours of the BVM are in progress. As with the Offices of the Dead, I’m using classic Sarum sources; there are some minor differences between these offices and the modern Roman ones. (And the old York ones when it comes to that…) So far I’ve started with traditional language: Matins
  • I’ve implemented some fixes on the mobile version of the site which should solve the problems that people have been experiencing with Android tablets and the Kindle Fire. I haven’t had a chance to test these as thoroughly as I’d like, though, as I cleverly left my Blackberry at M’s office on Sunday…
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Year 2 Flip-Flop Added

January 29, 2012 3 comments

After much delay, the awaited flip-flop in Year 2 has occurred.

In conformity to the suggestion on page 934 of the prayer book, the default standard is for the gospel to be in the morning and the epistle in the evening for Office Year 2. I know a number of people pray the offices in their church and at home and that it can be jarring when the church observes the flip-flop yet the breviary does not… Hopefully, this is no now longer an issue.

One note, though—the flip-flop will not occur on any Holy Days or major feasts days. Often these a time-of-day reason that the lectionary assigns these, so they will not occur at that point.

This being the St Bede’s Breviary, there is a new option added to the Preferences page that will allow you to opt out of this if that is your desire (it’s at the bottom of the “Lectionary” section within the core options…).

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Morning Gospels for Year 2

December 12, 2011 2 comments

I’ve received a number of comments about this one…

On page 934 of the BCP it states: “When the Office is read twice in the day, it is suggested that the Gospel Reading be used in the evening of Year One, and in the morning in Year Two.” Currently the breviary does not allow for this. I am working to correct it and will make it default once it’s done. Thus, during Year Two, the Gospel will be the second reading in the morning, meaning that the (second) reading in the evening will be the Epistle Reading.

This will change the way that I put my lectionary tables together so it will take me a little bit to accomplish. I’m hoping to get it done within the next week or two.


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Eve of Advent Glitch

November 20, 2011 1 comment

The good news is that the breviary knows that today is a Saturday in the last week of Ordinary Time. The bad news is that it thinks today is the second Saturday rather than the first…

I’m away from my computer this weekend, but will get it fixed (and double-check the rest of the week!) As soon as possible.

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Big Breviary Announcement!

November 15, 2011 1 comment

I’m happy to announce a collaboration between the St Bede’s Breviary and Forward Movement! Fr. Scott Gunn, the new Executive Director of Forward Movement, has a vision to bring Forward Movement further into the digital age; using a cut-down version of the breviary’s code base, we’re working on both a new web site and a mobile app that will incorporate both the Daily Office and Forward Day-by-Day among other things.

I’ve consistently received two questions since the launch of the breviary—1) when will there be an iPhone/iPad app and 2) when will there be a printed version. I can now answer the first! There are a number of moving parts here, so we’re currently projecting a ship date in the 1st quarter of 2012.

Needless to say—I’ll keep you updated!

For those of you with mobile devices who enjoy the breviary, you might like to try this out as an intermediary step as development continues: a mobile-optimized version of the breviary. (Due to spotty implementation of the xhtml+mp, I don’t recommend trying to use it with a desktop browser…)

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Offices for the Dead for All Souls

November 2, 2011 4 comments

After more delay than I intended, we now have votive offices for the dead in time for All Souls. Following the discussion here on kinds of votive offices, these are replacement offices—offices intended to be said in place of (rather than supplemental to) the regular morning and evening offices.

The cookies that hold preferences for the regular offices are still in effect here particularly in regard to antiphons; elements for the BVM are not included in these offices.

So, here they are:

The Office for the Dead: Morning Prayer

The Office for the Dead: Evening Prayer

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Use Trends

October 10, 2011 2 comments

I believe in internet privacy so I don’t use tracking cookies or anything like that on the breviary. I do not now and will not in the future use anything to identify users—that’s not the point of the site.

However, I do need to know what settings and options are being used the most to make sure that I’m putting effort towards and tending to issues that affect the breviary and its users.

Here’s the breakdown of breviary use starting from 1 PM on 9/8/11 until now, the last entry being logged at 4AM on 10/8/11.

Total breviary uses: 3,521

Breakdown by Office:

  • Morning Prayer: 1,720
  • Noon Prayer: 245
  • Evening Prayer: 1,229
  • Compline: 327

Those who save their options with cookies, those who use a page that auto-pre-sets their options,  vs. those who use the “pre-set” options:

  • cookies: 1387
  • Pre-set page: 814
  • pre-sets: 1320
    • bare-bones: 583
    • house use: 250
    • high church: 226
    • amplified: 167
    • old school: 51
    • basic prayer book: 43

Breakdown by Rite:

  • Rite I: 1316
  • Rite II: 2205

Breakdown by kalendar:

  • BCP: 1194
  • HWHM: 860
  • OJN: 577
  • House: 497
  • Current Roman: 184
  • Anglican Missal: 57
  • Knott Missal: 57
  • Exciting Holiness (COE): 55
  • OHC: 40

Breakdown by page:

  • Regular: 2625
  • OJN: 444
  • BSG: 390
  • office: 39
  • mobile: 20
  • test: 3

I could break it down further based on analysis of the cookies, but I’m not interested in doing that right now. Looking across the cookies, the system currently contains 242 unique cookies with none having more that 64 visits. The lack of significant clustering around specific cookies indicates two positives to me: 1) the pre-sets are well chosen and have good appeal; 2) people really do look for a wide variety in their Office options.

On a side-note, just looking at this file has helped me solve a major issue with the cookies. One of the values was inserting a word instead of a value. Brian—reselect the same options and try again; your options ought to work now!

Interestingly, if you compare hits-per-week to average-Sunday-attendence (probably not a fair comparison for a number of reasons) this completely unsupported and unregulated e-ministry is consistently one of the top 3 parishes of my diocese…!

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Of your charity…

October 4, 2011 Leave a comment

I ask your prayers for the repose of the soul of Jeff Pierce. He was a correspondent, a friend of the breviary, and an oblate of the Order of Julian of Norwich.

May light perpetual shine upon him.

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