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Properly Annunciating

I hunted down the issues in my transference code and the Annunciation will occur on the date for which I have it set.

That means that at the St Bede’s Breviary, the Eve of the Annunciation will be on Monday night (4/8) so as not to interfere with Sunday’s Evening Prayer and the feast itself will occur on Tuesday (4/9).  I know that not everybody calculates it this way, but I believe that the “open” day mention in the prayer book rubrics should apply to the eves as well as the feast day proper as the eve is part of the feast.

For those who disagree or would otherwise prefer to celebrate the Annunciation on Monday (4/8), that is when it will be appearing on the Forward Movement prayer site (http://prayer.forwardmovement.org/daily_prayer.php).

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